blooming bath baby bath tub

5 Jul


A clever way to bath babies. No more running aroung filling plastic bath tubs,

All you have got do is place it in the sink, or in a conventional bathtub (in case of bigger baby) . Made out of   safe, soft fabrics,  and antimicrobial foam brings a completely different  baby bath experience.

You might be thinking about the drying process ( I was too ). Turns out its pretty simple,  “just wring it out and hang it up with the loop on the backside, or throw it in the dryer for 10 minutes”  …  Pregnancy and newborn 

Little plus, the petal flower shapped, makes it easy to fold, and  it really  packs up.


kid´s door

22 Jun

Designer  Nina Tolstrup from the UK,  designed this  fun  doors


In her words :
“Kids Door is two doors in one. The door not only functions as normal door, but has a smaller door cut out of it. Kids loves things there size – it is not only practical but also adds its own playful element in there fantasy world.”

If  it were me … I´d go for the batman one…


Babyglow… Pajamas that tell you if your baby has a fever … GENIUS

14 Jun


Babyglow is a result of an amazing parenting idea.  Babyglow is a brand of pajamas that change color based on the baby’s body temperature. (sleeping bags also available)

Making parents life easier, who sometimes don’t understand why the baby is uncomfortable or crying.  This temperature showing can also help prevent or remedy a situation before it gets worst. 

Sold in blue, pink or green, the suit turns white when it rises above 98F/37C(higher than normal) 

 The good news is that this idea in not just a design concept. It is already being sold in theUKfor20 poundsa package…

  The only downside to this product, whic I wold like to test or see is : What happens when the baby is laying  out or near the sun ??

But I still consider it would be a good signal for all the parents out there to change the baby’s position to a more sheltered place. 

So props to Chris Ebejer the inventor behind Babyglow.” The world´s softest thermometer.”


Balloon Light

7 Jun

I am not a kid. but I would still love to have one of these…  The “Balloon-2011” Light made by  Carus Calogero Design Studio of Barcelona , for  “Estiluz”

The lamp is available either for ceiling or wall installation, but the clever part of the design is how you can actually turn it on and off.. As you can guess by the picture, the light switch is actually triggered by pulling the string.

It is what a good kid design should be, clever, simple, and of course, PLAYFUL.



24 May


As you know I’m an Industrial designer, so this time I decided I was actually going to show something done by me.
A project we decided to name Bobja, done for Polioles company.
Challenge was to for create a kids product using polyurethane foam as the “star” material.

Kids love playing and exploring, so a fellow classmate and me designed this project that gave kids endless possibilities to explore.
“The Bobja chair.” According to the position it can either hold one, two or three children.
Pile them up, Put them together and make a couch…. if you are a kid, imagine it’s a fortress, a barrier, a tunnel, or just turn the chair around and explore.


Bye California

17 May

This Lucas kid is a genius…

Different kid, different city. But the feeling is the same.

After 9 months of leaving in Pasadena and attending Art Center College of Design courses. I am back in Mexico, sad about leaving but happy about coming back home.
I thought this video would describe the way I feel.

Thankful for the people I met, the places I explored, and all the advice and teachings given…
Thank you California 🙂



9 May


Even when I dont want to listen to it. She is still the voice inside of my head…
Happy mother´s day mom